Feb 22, 2009

The girls on Valentines Day, all in pink. Kylie was so excited for her first class Valentine party, more than she was for any other holiday it was super cute!

Kenadee has become very opinionated and particular about how she dresses and how she has her hair done, so here are a couple of examples. She loves to have "ballerina hair". She starts dance class on Tuesday and she wanted to know how I was going to do her hair , I did it like this and now she wants it like this all the time. She is also dressing herself and I decided it wasn't worth the battle. We did however negotiate, she can wear tights but she has to wear a skirt over them!
Poor baby! she's always gettin those ears of hers played with!

Feb 2, 2009

Just me bragging about my beautiful baby again, sorry but I can't help myself!
Best Friends! I felt guilty that I haven't put up pics of my two little princesses lately so here they are, my pride and joys!