Jun 29, 2009

Welcome to Lake Tahoe!

This lake was beautiful! It had 3 shades of blue and you could walk out forever before the water would go above your waist. Although freezing cold it was fun to play in! We had a fun time with our family even though we missed having Chad with us!

At the beautiful beach

Lake Tahoe, the bluest water I have ever seen! It was crystal clear, you could see up to 35 feet down!
Three bathing beauties!

Ambree, deciding if she likes sand or not

You know your baby is tired when......
she can take an hour long nap on top of a picnic table!

On the boat

Kylie got to steer the boeat for a few minutes and she thought she was pretty cool! She was!
Look at the pretty water, and the pretty girls

Me and my little ladys! It was bright!

Congrats to Ashley and Ryan!!!

Jun 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day! Here's to a great dad! We love you and wish we could be there to give you a big hug and Ambree could give you one of those slobbery kisses you love so much!

Jun 4, 2009

2021....I don't even want to go there! But, she is adorable!
Me and my "big" girl :(.....too fast!

And she receives the big diploma from her teacher!

Waiting for her name to be called, I didn't realize until she walked down with tears in her eyes that she had a bad earache, broke my heart but she put on a strong face

Feild Trip!

Kenadee on the gorilla!
Kylie and her friend Emma Kershaw, note the matching shirts:)!

All aboard the Tiger express!

The jungle hut, the zoo had a new exhibit this year and the girls loved it!

Blowing bubbles at the discovery center

more pics for daddy!

For daddy!!!

Easter Sunday. Three beautiful girls!