Mar 16, 2009

Baby Pics!

I know that you can't really see it, but if you look closely you will see Ambree's very first ponytail!:)

Kylie has been complaining for weeks that something is wrong with her eyes. Well, I did some eye tests os my own to see if there really was spmething wrong, and of course there wasn't. She continued on and for almost 2 days straight she would wear her sunglasses swearing the entire time that they were helping her to see. Finally fed up, but also not wanting to hurt her feelings, I went to claires and bought her and Kenadee(to avoid fights) a pair of fake glasses. I told them that I talked to the eye doctor and he gave me these to give to them. The things we go through for our kids!!!!

Mar 3, 2009

Princess Party!

The birthday princess!
Kenadee makes a wish, probably for more princess stuff!

All the pretty girls!

Kenadee turns 4!!!!!

The three Nelson kids!
Birthday girl gets her song and more importatly her sundae!!!!

Nothin' but love for these three!